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Against the Gods in Las Vegas

Notes on Invading Germany

Running with the Bulls in Pamplona

Across the Suburb
& Into the Express Lane

Villa Rentals: A Home Away From Home

In High Spirits at Oktoberfest

Selected Excerpts from Wasted Away:
The Worldwide Party Guide

Rent a Home Abroad for a Moveable Feast






The Cognac Mystique

Man & His Thirst:
The Quest to Find Your Own Drink

Ouzo: Try It Greek Style

Rumpleminze: Get Shot by a German

Cognac - Timeless Classic

Be Bitter & Mysterious with Campari

Pick Up the Czech: Becherovka

Inside Frangelico:  Disrobing the Monk

Have a Dark, Mysterious Italian After Dinner

Alize: Passion in a Glass

Well-Aimed Shots Hit the Mark

What High Rollers Drink

As Fresh, Sweet & Bitter as Life Itself

Slipping Into Port


Across the Suburbs & Into the Express Lane
(PEN Center Hemingway Award Winner)

Walking the Plank: Bartending Memoirs

Sometimes I Wish I Was Cary Grant

Deal Me In: Playing Poker

The Virtues of Vices

The Wrath of Grapes: Musings on the Morning After

A Stiff Drink & a Close Shave

Being Human in the Millennium

Cheap Beer, Naked Women & Conga Lines

Best of Bad Hemingway Winners






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