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Scott Stavrou, writer, Losing Venice, a novel Scott Stavrou was born in Chicago then raised in San Diego and Las Vegas before graduating from Georgetown University. Since then he has lived and worked as a writer in San Francisco, Venice, Prague and the Greek islands, where he and his wife presently call home.

Stavrou has written fiction and non-fiction for numerous publications in the U.S. and Europe. He is the author of the award-winning travel book Wasted Away, the original stage play Picketing with Prometheus as well as two original screenplays. He is a long time member of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association and the Georgetown Entertainment & Media Alliance.

He was awarded the PEN America International Hemingway Writing Award for his short fiction “Across the Suburbs”.

In addition to writing, he serves on the Board of Advisors for Write Away Europe, where he is also a Creative Writing Instructor.

In addition to his books and articles, more of Stavrou’s writing can be found on Medium and Twitter.

His newest novel, Losing Venice, can be found in paperback in select bookstores and in paperback and e-book at Amazon here:

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Interview, "Behind the Book"

In an itinerant life of crossing countries and continents, I have loved many places. Just not for long. The song of elsewhere was always strongest. But special places and experiences become both a part of our past and a part of ourselves. Things we carry with us forever.

Living in Venice was one of those.

Detailed Synopsis

A captivating journey of life, love and discovery abroad, with an inspiring contemporary love story that unfolds unfolds amidst some of the world's most inspiring locales, including Venice, Prague, Budapest and the Greek islands...

"...as richly textured as its fabled locales...dives deeply into the possibilities, perils, and pleasures of learning how not not to be lost."

Advance Review for Losing Venice

"If you’ve ever wondered why people still write novels, reading Stavrou’s, Losing Venice, might answer your question. This funny, poignant account of failure that turns to success is not a perfect novel but a beautiful one. It captures a moment and place that, though in the recent past, seems as distant as Hemingway’s Paris and as important. A reminder of what the business of literature, of living is. All lovers of the art of writing and romance should read it. A wonderful book."
            George Crane, best-selling author of Bones of the Master and Beyond the House of the False Lama