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                                                            ORIGINAL SCREENPLAYS WGA Registered Screenplays "Slapping Plastic," and "Changing Time Zones," may be available on request  

"Slapping Plastic" Original Screenplay, Romantic Comedy.  5 friends mired in credit card debt and unfulfilling lives scheme to make their bills go away and their dreams come true while gambling on love and an inventive lottery scheme dedicated to uncovering and pursuing their passions. Romantic Comedy with particular relevancy in today's economic climate.  Writer's Guild Registered. 110 pages.  Optioned by Fox Searchlight Pictures.  

"Changing Time Zones" Original Screenplay, Drama.  The death of his mother brings ominous changes to the otherwise simple law student's life - and news about a Czech father he never knew. He drops out of law school and goes to Prague in the 90's where he befriends a local political activist and becomes involved with a woman as they - and the newly democratic nation --  deal with their growing pains and velvet hangovers while coming to terms with their pasts and their futures in The Golden City so freshly opened to The West. Drama/Love Story. Writer's Guild Registered. 105 pages.


Picketing with Prometheus, finalist in the Prague Post Playwright Festival, 2008

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